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Are you searching for the best smartphone for someone elderly in your family? The best smartphones for the seniors should be the one that is easy to use, features a user-friendly interface, and easy to navigate. The smartphone that you will be buying for the seniors should allow them to connect to the technological world seamlessly.

While a smartphone turns out to be a handy tool that helps in increasing communication and creating a well-connected community, you would not like to overburden the elderly with a smartphone that has too many flashy specifications. Therefore, it is imperative for you to consider specific factors while buying the right smartphone for seniors.

Top Smartphones for Seniors:

If you are out on a shopping spree to purchase the perfect smartphone for the seniors, here is our top pick of the best, handy models out there:

  • Jitterbug Flip:

It is a basic flip phone with advanced features that fit the needs of the seniors effectively. While it might not feature the high-end smartphone functionalities that modern tech-savvies are looking for, still it is known to feature an easy-to-use interface along with a loudspeaker and easy navigation. It is a phone that is simple for everyone out there to use.

There are some additional features that are delivered in this phone by keeping the elderly in mind. For instance, the Jitterbug Flip is known to sport the advanced M4/T4 rating for bespoke hearing aid compatibility. There is also the presence of a 5-star button such that the seniors can easily access the emergency icon.

  • Jitterbug Smart:

While some of the features of Jitterbug Flip might sound appealing for the seniors, including some smarter features can be highly appealing –like in the case of the Jitterbug Smart. The given smartphone range is known to combine a classic senior-focused design with advanced smartphone functionality. The best part is that it is available at a reasonable price.

The Jitterbug Smart has almost all the typical features of a modern-day smartphone. Some of the common features for the overall ease of the seniors include the ease of texting, reliable Internet access, emails, rear & front-facing cameras, and so more. There is the presence of the functional 5.5-inch smartphone touchscreen that delivers the great ease of navigation across the phone. The given model is also compatible with hearing aids by getting the unique M4/T4 rating.

  • iPhone 8 Plus:

For the tech-enthusiast seniors, there is no other better option than the revolutionary iPhone 8 Plus. The smartphone is known to deliver premium-grade features as well as amazing performance on the classic 5.5-inch smartphone display. With an iPhone in hand, staying in touch with family members becomes quite a seamless task.

Seniors having access to the famous iPhone models can also benefit from its advanced transition between an iPhone & iPad –whenever there might be the requirement of a bigger screen. Make sure that you have relevant phone insurance for optimum results.

  • Samsung Galaxy S10e:

Offering an easy-to-use OS (Operating System), the next-gen Samsung Galaxy S10e smartphone is well-suited for the overall convenience of the senior users. The innovative One UI (User Interface) offered by this smartphone model delivers great ease of viewing and accessing the smartphone. There are multiple budget iterations within the S10 range of smartphones by Samsung Galaxy. Therefore, depending on your budget, you can choose the desired model.

The impressive 5.8-inch screen is quite large enough for the seniors to observe everything on the go. There is the presence of the fingerprint sensor on the side mounting to deliver great ease of use to the seniors in comparison to the typical in-screen sensor versions. There is also the presence of the 3.5 mm headphone jack for delivering access to attaching wired headphones. The battery specification is also quite impressive –to last through an entire day seamlessly.

  • Huawei P Smart:

It appears to be an intriguing addition to the series of the best smartphones for seniors. The primary reason for its overall popularity amongst the elderly is that it is quite affordable. Most of the Huawei phones are available with the cutting-edge “Simple Mode” that allows the icons & texts to go much bigger. This appears to be the perfect feature for seniors having poor eyesight.

For optimum smartphone care, ensure the best cellphone insurance for optimum safety.


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