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Here at Twisty Apps, you can write for us for free if you can provide us a link insertion at a website relative to our niche and have a DA of 50 or above, you just need to contact us at with the subject ‘Need Guest Post for Link Insertion’. We will respond to you back ASAP.

If you do not wish to provide a link insertion and have a budget for your guest post Kindly must mention your budget in the subject like in this fashion (“Your Budget amount” for Guest post)

Following are the guidelines you need to follow in order to make your guest post published quickly.

  1. The article should be Unique and ENGLISH Language.
  2. Can’t be found through other sources on the internet.
  3. Have to be user-friendly with good readability & a minimum of 1000+ words.
  4. You must avoid the word “AMAZON” or any offer affiliate marketing stuff and you shouldn’t add any amazon product link into your post or any other affiliate marketing link.
  5. If you already published this content anywhere in the web then don’t submit your post here, it will be rejected automatically.
  6. After submitting your article with Twisty Apps don’t submit it anywhere else until getting a response from Twisty Apps.
  7. We will not be accepting links and content from these particular niches
    • Essay Writing
    • Guns and Violence
    • Religion and Politics
    • Casino and Gambling
    • Porn and Sexual
    • Drugs and Weed
    • Anything Irrelevant to Our Niche

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