Monitor WhatsApp with android phone tracker

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging apps over the last decade. When it comes to fame and usage it has beaten the might Facebook by far. People use the instant messenger on contemporary android mobile phones and tablets no time ever before.

All you need to do is to install the best social messaging app from the play store on your android phone within no time and get started to socialize with the people that are already exist in your android phone list.

However, you can add further contacts, groups, and communities on WhatsApp to have instant communication for a variety of purposes you just name it. People use WhatsApp social media app for doing text messages, sharing photos, videos, documents, music files, Voice messages, and group conversations.

However, people want to spy Whatsapp on android for digital parenting, track employee communication activities on WhatsApp within the working hours. Therefore, people are trying different ways to monitor WhatsApp but they have to have android phone tracker to do it convincingly.

How to get Android phone tracker to monitor WhatsApp?

If you want to track WhatsApp for some unknown or known reasons then you must a high –tech tool to know what is happening on the target device running with the WhatsApp social media app. However, you can do surveillance on the instant messenger having powerful WhatsApp spy for android. You just need to use personal cell phone device having internet access on the browser then you need to visit the webpage of cell phone spying software to get the tools that allow you to track WhatsApp messenger.

Step1: Subscribe for phone surveillance software for android

The moment you have got access on the webpage of TheOneSpy phone spy app for android then you need to get a subscription. Now you need to see your email inbox and you will get to know you have received credentials in terms of passcode and ID. You are free to go for the method of installation.

Step2: Get Physical access on the targeted device

Now you need to get access to the process of installation and once you have had the process of installation then you need to start the process of installation instantly. When you have ended up with the process of installation successfully then you need to activate it on the targeted device. However, it happens most of the time people want to monitor WhatsApp activities secretly. So, before the activation process, you will see a pop –up message on the screen. It simply allows you to hide the phone surveillance app on target android device. On the other hand, whether it is up to you, either you want to hide it or not but you can skip this method and end up with the activation process.

Step3: Use Credentials & get access to the web portal

Previously, you have got the credentials at the time of subscription, use the passcode and ID to seek access to the phone tracking app online control panel. Once you have the access you will be able to get your hands on multiple WhatsApp tracker tools that provide you complete information of targeted android phone installed social media app WhatsApp in real-time or with a complete time stamp. Let’s get to know about the tools that can help you out to get the job done.

Use cell phone tracker app tools to spy on WhatsApp

Live screen recording

You can remotely track what is happening on the target android device installed social media app WhatsApp. You can use the live screen recording tool of the mobile spy that empowers you to remotely get access to the target device installed WhatsApp. Now user can record screen activities in terms of back to back short videos of the screen and send these videos to the web portal. User can get access to the electronic web portal of the android phone tracking app and let you live recorded videos.

IM’s logs without rooting

User can remotely get to know about the activities happen on android installed WhatsApp in terms of logs. User can get the logs of text messages, audio-video conversations, chats conversations, shared photos, videos, and WhatsApp Voice messages.


You can use cell phone tracker software for android on the target phone to seek information running on WhatsApp social media app.


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