Bullet Echo Review

Bullet Echo Review

Hey everyone, We are back for you with a new and exciting game to play on your smartphones. Bullet Echos is another awesome mobile battle royal game that we enjoyed and wanted to share with you. This blog post is a detailed review of the game, including gameplay and walkthrough on a YouTube video. So without further ado, let’s check out this stealth battle royal and get into our “Bullet Echo Review.”

Click here, unlike the last battle royal, which we reviewed if you haven’t read that article. Bullet Echo is strictly a team-based battle royal. The primary campaign sets you up in a party of 3 members, and you 3 have to survive as a team.

Bullet Echo Teams

If all 3 of you die, you lose. If any one of you is the last man standing, the team wins. The mechanics of this game are stealth-based, meaning you need to anticipate your opponent’s moves and hide and attack accordingly. In this game, you need to work strategically instead of relentlessly searching and destroying the machine. In Bullet Echo, running off to find danger can end up costing your team the battle royal.

Stealth Battle Royale Gameplay

Stealth Battle Royal

This game is great if you are looking to engage in a team-based experience. Instead of a fast-paced and open-world battle royale, you fight in a maze of rooms and hallways. Your enemy could be around any corner, behind any wall. Your main goal is to track and take them down before they get you. The last team to survive wins the match. As the game starts, you get to see your team members and their characters.

Bullet Echo Team Members

The area around which you can expand is constantly shrinking, which keeps your and others’ teams in hiding, and matches don’t get too long. This feature forces the teams to collide more often and make the matches end with a confirmed kill. The battleground resembles a building that may have been hijacked or robbed recently.

Bullet Echo Battle Field

You can only see the enemy with the flashlights on your weapon and the footsteps you see when they are approaching you. These red footsteps appear when you are close to an enemy, like an area visible on your mobile screen, like behind the wall or around the corner of the room you are inside. Besides that, you will also see icons on the corner of the screen. These icons will show you in which direction your enemy is if they are far away and your friends if they are far away. By faraway, I mean out of the range of your screen.

Bullet Echo Strategy

Bullet Echo Walkthrough


The game dashboard has simple icons to show you your ranking, available events, contracts you may get from time to time, your profile, and the playable character section. Below that, there is the shop icon and the unlockable chests, along with the kill count needed to unlock them. On the top right corner, you have the number of revivals, the virtual currency you have, the settings icon, a list of your team members, and an option to invite other friends. The last thing is the play now button, which starts the game, and a battle royal button that unlocks as you gain new rankings on the leaderboard.

Bullet Echo Dashboard

The shop section has some typical things which every game has. The same, use the artificial currency to buy award chests. Don’t you have enough artificial money? Don’t worry. Just use the real hard-earned cash to buy artificial currency. They use it to buy award chests. You can also watch ads to open award chests and who could blame them for adding these features. The developers need to earn a living as well.

Bullet Echo Shop

Additionally, the game has the most features every competitive game has. Like a leader board, profile section, where you can write your cool gamer name or use your real name like me if you are too lazy to think of a gamer name. This section also records your wins, losses, kills, the number of times they killed you, and other game-related factors.

Bullet Echo Profile

Bullet Echo Characters

Bullet Echo Characters

Bullet Echo has a wide array of characters. Although you start with only one character unlocked, you can unlock other characters while playing the game. You can get other characters in the award chests. All the characters are upgradeable and customizable. You can touch the train button and spend the required amount of coins on upgrading the states of your character. All the characters have alternate skins, which you can purchase with virtual currency or unlocked in award chests.

More Bullet Echo Characters

The character range is versatile as well. You have “Firefly,” who is a quick long-range sniper. You can get “Boston,” who is the largest character in the game. He is a tank with a minigun as a weapon. All these characters have different abilities. Like the starting character, Stalker is fast and has a rapid-fire weapon, but his aim is a little off, and the damage is less. Firefly is a quick character with a long-range weapon that fires slow but hits hard. Then you have “Boston,” this guy is a very slow tank, very big, so big that he can’t pass through some doors. He lacked speed, making up for firepower and high HP due to his armor and the minigun he carries.

Final Conclusion

You can style all the characters, but all the equipable items are locked and are unlocked as awards throughout the game. The aspect of stealth is a new one in a battle royale game. You are always paired with a team by default, which only adds up to the excitement of the game. If you are interested in a team-based slow but strategy-focused game, then you must try Bullet Echo. But if you like a fast-paced lone wolf type of mobile battle royal game, then check out our awesome bullet league review. This game is sure to make your head explode.



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