Impacts Of MedTech App Development For Global Healthcare Professionals

Did You Know?

According to an IBM study, that observes the trend in the healthcare industry, it states 8 out of 10 people in America are ready to spend up to $ 100 for mobile app development services to keep track of their health vital signs.

So, there are no two ways about it: technological advancements in the healthcare industry is cementing itself as a pioneer for providing good and better medical assistance, therefore improving quality of life. As smartphones are the most important arrows in the quiver of the physician armamentarium. The statement “There Is An App For That” holds true for the same.

Healthcare information is rewriting the landscape of how patients were treated earlier. Not only that, but technology transformation on all the medical aspects has a significant impact on nearly all the processes and practices of healthcare professionals.

Here in these articles, we are going to uncover the benefits of technology advancement in healthcare space and their relationships with patients and professionals alike.

The first and foremost to start with is…

  1. Digitalization Of Records


The Inception of Blockchain technology has not just laid the firm foundation for cryptocurrency. Indeed it is a vital block for digitalization health records.

“Electronic Health Record” is nowadays buzzing word in the healthcare arena. It’s swapping outdated paper records has been a massive game-changer for almost everyone in the medical field. Medical assistants to medical coding professionals to the registered nurses are just a handful of roles that have been impacted by this industry-wide implementations.

You must be wondering how?

Nurses and technicians are responsible for inputting data into a centralized and digitized system while the medical billers and developers update the patient record with a diagnostic code and submit the medical bills or claims to an insurance firm.

To make this all a hassle-free process, all you need to do is align with the best iOS and Android app development company, that makes accessing a document from any nook, anytime a thing of touch. But, along with benefits comes mistakes that are caught more quickly.

  1. Better Care For Patients 

The EHR can automatically alert the treating physician of the potential issue (like allergies and intolerance to some specific medications). With the help of it, EHR can be easily accessed from any nearby medical facility. Which is significantly useful for treating local patients, especially if the patient is critical.  

  1. Improved Public Health


It provides invaluable data to researchers, helping to advance medical knowledge and the advancement in medical treatment for common health issues.

Let’s talk about the 2020’s coronavirus outbreak. It will be a lot easier if the standard healthcare IT system would have started opting for the right blend of technology to understand and have an insight for treating the widespread outbreak. It also enables preventive measures to be put in the right place more quickly and efficiently. 

  1. A Streamlined Workflow

The service to hire mobile app developers and to align with the coders require some little more attention as they are the most impacted allied health workers.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics – there is surely an upsurge of 13% from 2016 to 2026. With the introduction of EHR, it has made life only easier for medical coders as well as billers. Putting data into a computerized system is quite less time-consuming in comparison to paper-based methods, and even it reduces the chances of error in the patient’s record and financial details.

Accessing patient’s record remotely also allow medical coding experts to work from their cocoon, that increases productivity and efficiency.

5. Lower Healthcare Costs


As per the study from the University of Michigan, shifting from paper to electronic health records and treatment reduced the cost of outpatient by 3%. These researchers roughly approximate this to $5.14 in savings for each patient and every month.

The Hidden Benefits For Hospice Service Provider

Above, we discussed the benefits of doctors and clinical aspects. But healthcare apps have also helped hospice service providers to offer better services. With all patient information at their disposal. Hospice and health providers are better equipped to understand and deliver the specific yet unique needs of their clients.

Right from food allergies to deteriorating medical conditions that require special needs. Every small piece of information and data play a vital role in optimum care. Even, partnering with the right Android wizard or iPhone app development services proffer hospice service provider to communicate with the doctor as well as with the patients for immediate attention, if in case the need arises.

Without any doubt, there so much technology and automation can do, one just needs the right team to explore the untouched possibilities.

Let’s take the trending AI Trend In Healthcare.

#Trend 1: AI With Health Mobile Apps


The promising future of mobile health apps truly depends on the deployment of Artificial Intelligence technology. This technology is already disrupting the revolution laid by clinical workflows by providing healthcare professionals with the latest decision-support tools. So, if you think of a healthcare professional accessing an AI-enabled mobile app to review a patient’s EHR or to research the symptoms, nothing fits best than aligning with the pioneer in the technology arena.

As suggested by MobiHealthNews, AI-driven mobile health indeed not comes without demurs, such as hospital infrastructure and patient privacy concerns. And while AI could advocate healthcare professionals. There are those individuals that are concerned it could replace them from their jobs.

So, the healthcare industry will have to brace with such challenges before AI becomes the new common for everyone in the healthcare mobile apps industry. Still, the trade-off is powered by proficients who can deliver more efficient and integrated patient care with all the data they need right at their fingertips.

#Trend 2: IoT With Health Mobile Apps

IoT (Internet Of Things) is already benefiting many industries, and as of now when it has joined hands with the healthcare industry, the advantages are galore.

  1. Faster Payments: Being in a hospital is a nightmare, and moreover standing in the ques for making the bill payment is another daunting task. And still, it is a quite common scene to encounter at almost every hospital. A relative or a close friend standing in the ques for his turn to pay the bills while the patient waits helplessly to get the medicare.

But, the proficient mobile app development services provider takes this onus away from your shoulder. Electronic payment system such as payment by card or Digi-wallets allows quicker and on-time treatment. Even, facilitating internet banking also helps in safe, secure, and hassle-free payment methods.

  1. b) Better Self Care: Healthcare mobile app not only makes things easy for doctor and patients, but they also path a more comfortable and easy path for clients. The time a patient is prescribed with a healthy lifestyle. They can use apps for weight management, personal well-being, and women’s health.

The Verdict On MedTech Apps

Provided with the utter need for automation and benefits it serves to the table, and healthcare apps come across as a viable business option. The efficacy with the right mobile healthcare apps gets things done efficiently and precisely by attracting more users on-board every doctor and patients alike.

Therefore, streamlined process flow and quick access to hire Android developer make healthcare apps a great solution.

At the same time, healthcare apps also help doctors, hospitals and hospice service providers develop a better brand name for them through reviews and ratings with always welcoming the feedback. So, to make this an operational reality, talk to the best mobile app development service provider that will help you determine the significant difference that an app having the best doctors and hospitals with highest ratings also gets downloaded the most.

In order to abreast of the competitive edge, it’s essential to add the unique factor that will be your USP. After all, it’s all about doing what’s not done yet or curating oneself as the best than the rest.


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