You can now create an Insta fake chat conversation with anyone.

What is it about?

This app is presented by Playfake Entertainment called a “Funsta”. It is an Insta Fake chat enables you to make direct dummy discussions and offer it with your companions you can effortlessly make dummy discussions screens and alter everything about the screen. This screen will be reasonable so you can comfortably trick your companions. Take the screen capture or utilize the applications Share screen highlight to effortlessly impart it to your companions. Tricking your companions has never been so much fun.

Best of it!

Funsta has cool features and with this app, you can add fake posts, comments, and likes for the posts. You can also add fake contacts and make fake groups. You can get all the features that you have gotten on the real Instagram. With this app, you can share this with your friends. I am enjoying using this app and pranked to our friends.


Hard of it!

The problem that we have faced in this app is the ads whenever I try to post a picture it always makes my face close and the other problem I have faced is that I can’t save the actual post image to the phone.


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