The Most In-Demand Tech Skills for the Future

Technology grows at an exponential rate. It constantly spurs the births of new wonders and at this point, it shows no sign for stopping. For this reason, it is crucial to invest your time and money in several skills that will continue to be trending for the foreseeable future. This is the first step to take toward becoming a professional in an area that will always have new opportunities. 

In this article, we will discuss some of the latest skills in the tech arena. Considering most of the skills are fairly new to the global workforce, you can make a significant difference if you choose to acquire them before entering the industry. The best part is all of these skills can be easily learned through online courses or coding bootcamps. 

Machine Learning

Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence technology where scientists design algorithms that allow machines to “learn” based on a training model. This opens a lot of potentials, converting human jobs into faster and simpler tasks. With this technology, machines will perform difficult tasks—like analyzing data to predict where a disease outbreak is going to occur—in just seconds. 

However, a machine can only achieve this after being “trained” with models and algorithms. Machine learning specialists or engineers need big amounts of data to create a model—the more information they get, the more accurate the results will be. Machine learning can unsupervised, supervised, or reinforced. Each of them has its benefits and a simple test can decide which approach is the best for a specific model. 

Because this is still a developing scientific field, it has many new opportunities and room for innovation. Even though it is a very technical skill, almost anyone can learn it, provided they have the determination and interest. Springboard offers a machine learning engineering course where students will learn machine learning models, deep learning, computer vision, data organization, and much more. The school also offers flexible financing options such as month-to-month installments, deferred tuition plans, or loan financing. 

Deep Learning

Deep learning is a specialization in machine learning, where machines learn using neural networks. It meant to simulate how humans learn by dividing the learning process into several levels. In the first level, the machine learns the most simple facts. Then it goes to the second level where the machine uses simple facts to learn more complex concepts. The process continues on and on until a machine reaches a higher level and produce accurate results.

Deep learning used for software design (driverless cars), cancer cell detection, voice recognition, visual computing, and much more. Even though the technology is a few decades old, there weren’t powerful enough computers to achieve its whole potential. With the development of quantum computers, it is possible for us to reach amazing outcomes in the future.

NYC Data Science Academy offers a six-week deep learning course that teaches TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch, convolutional networks, natural language processing, and much more. NYC Data Science Academy only has locations in New York City but it also offers online courses. Students can enroll by making upfront payments or applying for loan financing. 


A Blockchain is largely known for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies but it goes much farther than that. Blockchain is the technology behind all cryptocurrencies and it is a chain of blocks of information contained and updated simultaneously in many computers or nodes of a network. It has many powerful applications but its main attractive characteristics are that transactions are transparent, immutable, and decentralized.  

This technology is so new that very few universities offer this as a career choice. But it is also a good thing because it leaves a lot of room for new developments. It has many applications in industries like fintech, real estate, and the civil sector.  Many professionals in the area have simply learned from experience. There are other options for you to gain a deeper understanding of the topic which are online courses. 

For example, Byte Academy offers a 14 weeks blockchain course where students will learn how to develop blockchain web applications. The curriculum includes blockchain platforms, assets and tokenization, keys and addresses, smart contracts and development, cryptocurrency, solidity, decentralized applications, security, trustless networks, regulatory environment, and more. Byte Academy has campuses in New York City, Houston, Singapore, and Bangalore. 

In Summary

Deep learning and machine learning have been mentioned in a lot of AI-related discoveries in the last few years, and blockchain is changing the way humans make transactions. It doesn’t matter which of these skills you decide to pursue. As they can all bring about the same added bonus to your professional life. Take the time to figure out where your interests lie and embark on that path toward a successful new career in tech.


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