Altan Robotech is an innovative company. dedicated to improving the quality of family life through robotic empowerment.

The company is a core component research and development and sales and marketing or jointly boys to measure and a novel and revolutionary generation.

its a home robot around the world.. the mission is to robot and service excellence and intelligence in every home in fast-base countries around the world.

According to the 2015 businesses insider report. the consumer an office robotic market is expected to explode between 2016 and 2019 growing on compound and growth rate is 17% to reach a market value of 1.5 billion.

As companies other than robots end to the market. ALTAN ROBOTECH is the right place and the right time. with this robotic debut the Altan giddle which is
1. Patent-Pending
2. Patent-Design-Registered
3. UL Certified

Altan Giddle is the first Robotic Toilet Cleaner able to clean multiple toilets in the home with the single pushes.

Altan Giddle has a robotic cleaner and with the giddle adorable dexter and intelligent design live free detent safety measures and obstacle detection and navigation technology to ensure the safety of curious children and pets.

Giddle cleans systematically the rim, underside the seat, Toilet bowl and exit drain in that order to preserve hygiene.

After the cleaning cycle is completely getting a giddle place in its own charging station and up the two sub corners of the bathroom.

A single Giddel can clean all the toilets in your business place, whether round or elongated.

Giddel is easy-to-use; simply plug Giddel into it’s Mounting Bracket, turn it on, press play and walk away. Giddel beeps when it’s done.

Unplug Giddel and place it in it’s Charging Station for discreet storage in a janitorial closet. Giddel is lightweight, yet durable.

An optional, safe, germ-killing Giddel UV light sticks to the toilet lid and turns on every 4 hours when the toilet lid is closed, and no human activity is detected.

Giddel sports an antimicrobial body, doped with Zinc-Oxide nanoparticles to remain hygienic. Giddel remains suspended while cleaning, only contacting the toilet with its replaceable, non-rotating brush, so Giddel remains clean.

Specs :

Weight: 2.31 kg
Dimensions: 16.5x14x7 in


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