The modern world is dealing with a very new and universal problem our kids are hooked on smartphones and tablet and when parents try to manage screen time it can cause major conflict in the home.

How can we encourage our kids to disconnect from their devices and connect with their family and their friends and the real world?

The Answer is tech we have created the first ever product that combines the app that parents used to manage screen time with a physical home for our kid’s devices which also serves as a secure charging station.
its a home to healthier screen habits and we can call it “The Ten” with app parents can schedule for their kids’ screen time.

When the times up the child puts their phone and tablets back in the den where it charged, stored and locked away by setting up predictable schedules on the app kids can anticipate when they next allowed on their devices and how long.

Well, Before they have to return the device to the den the child will get regular notifications on their device of how much time they have left.

When the device informs the kids that their time is up so the Parent-child conflicts remove dramatically.

When the device out of sight it’s out of mind when the phone or tablet is put away inside the den. so, it can no longer work as a visual cue that can trigger the desire to use it together parents and children can set goals and rewards for on-time returns.

This is another way the child feels a part of the process at the same time the child will be able to be with their parents.



Unit weight:
5.4 lbs (2.4 kg)

14.45 in. (36.7 cm) (length /depth) X
4.65 in. (11.8 cm) (width X
10.87 in. (27.6 cm) (height)

Internal slot dimension:
12 in. (30.48 cm) (length /depth) X
1.125 in. (2.85 cm) (width) X 8 in.
(20.32 cm) (height)

Set up TechDen using an iOS or Android device (iOS 9.0 or later, Android 4.2 or later). TechDen requires a home internet connection and a compatible router.


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