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This app was developed by Mustansir Golawala and maybe you have heard about this name before and also used the apps that are launched by them. Full Term app is the most helpful for those men who work outside the country and they also have to do take care of this wife during the labor period.

By using this app they can navigate the wife’s contraction during labor and they can also know the best time to head to the hospital. This is the most convenient contraction timer and kicks counter!

About this app!

This portable application is stand-out and keeps tracks of every one of your withdrawals with spans. You don’t have to promptly open the application to note them down, you can send your withdrawal subtleties to a medicinal services master by means of email and they will include it the application for you.

Best Pregnancy App

You need to tap a solitary catch to follow the beginning and end of every one of your compressions, and “Full Term” will deal with the rest. The application is intended to monitor the occasions, spans, and recurrence of the whole work time frame.

Best things!

This app is extremely helpful and comforting and easy to use. We found some best features and we love the most feature is that the summary section that will help to decide when the time to head to the hospital. The other best things are that man will easily navigate to track the wife’s contractions during labor. You will also find some quick references about what’s happening and you will get some amazing tips once baby arrives

Features of Full Term:

  • Note, edit or delete each contraction by specifying intensity;
  • Add the number of times your baby kicked inside your belly;
  • Built-in graphs to monitor your labor progress;
  • Track your weight throughout your pregnancy while adding notes.
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