Quick Note-Make Memos with OCR Scanner and Voice

This app is created by Memo Hub and maybe you have heard about this company. with this app, you can Quickly create notes on the lock screen, notes reminder and text translation.

make memos

About App!

Quick Note is a handy Android app for taking notes quickly, you can take note with keyboard input, voice input as well as scan input. The simple and clear interface design allows you to make quick notes and task lists easily.

make memos

This app is most useful for android users and who don’t remember their things on time. So, they can note their things on that. This app has some best and hard things that we have noticed. Now, we sharing some best hard things that we have noticed while we are using this app.

Best of it!

The best things that we have noticed in this app is that it has eliminated lots of time. With this app, you can make your all of to-do lists and grocery shopping list so much easier. The best part of this app is that the checklist feature with a timely reminder. The graphics and design of this app are amazing and it is easy to use.

make memos

Hard things!

The hard things that we have noticed in this app are that the pop-up ads into the home screen. This app spams the phone with loads of ads. The other problem that we have faced is that it can’t scan the notes properly and even can’t understand the words. The most annoying thing about this app is that the too much ads.

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