GoolRC Stunt Car

GoolRC Stunt Car Review

Hi Readers, We are back with an exciting Gadget Review. Today We are Going to review the Awesome Hand Gesture Controlled Toy Car made by the Company GoolRC. Kids Love any Remote Controlled Car. It is Widely known That the best toy gift for your minor is a remote-controlled car. 

But the GoolRC Stunt Car has done something different that’s why we are reviewing it as a Gadget. This is a very Versatile Toy, Very Technical, and almost revolutionary in the niche of electro-mechanical toys. So let’s get into it and review the hand gesture-controlled toy car.

What is it Made of?

This Awesome Hand Gesture controlled toy car is Plastic and has a few metal nuts and bolts, mainly plastic. But even though it’s plastic, it’s highly durable and can bear impacts from low falls and uneven terrains. It is a Toy Stunt Car. 

Hand Guester Control Toy Stunt Car

The Toy Stunt Car has a nice control range. You can control it within a 100-meter range. This gives you a good room to show off your new Toy Stunt Car. This shows how powerful the remote control is.

The Toy Stunt Car has a 6V 600mAh Battery, and Its Gesture Control watch has a 3.7V 200mAh Battery. The Car and The Gesture Control watch Requires a bit of a long time to charge, almost up to 2 to 2.5 hours fully, and you can only show off with it for 40 min, and the Normal JoyStick Controller also requires 2 AA batteries.

What do you get inside the Box?

GoolRC Stunt Car Box

So let’s Unbox the This Hand Gesture Controlled Toy Car. Inside the Box, you will Get some obvious things Like the Toy Stunt Car, The Hand Gesture Control watch, The Joystick Controller, and 2 Batteries for the Car and Watch. The 2 AA Batteries required by the joystick controller are not included within the box.

The Size of the Box is Reasonable, not too big to make you feel that you just bought something extra large and not too small either. That you would feel the Contents are stuffed in it. The measurement is in the Picture.

The Box also has a detailed instruction manual in Chinese as the product originated from China. So good luck trying to understand all instructions. Just kidding, we’ve got you covered. We are going to explain all the usage of this Gadget. Don’t worry.

Stunt Car Features.

This Toy Stunt Car is very Unique with its features, which made it so popular. The Concept of contraction and expansion in a controlled toy has been used before but never executed so smartly and with such accuracy. The Contraction and Expansion Provide the GoolRC Stunt Car 2 Different Modes The Racing mode and the Off-Road Mode.

GoolRC Stunt Car Modes

The GoolRC Stunt Car also LED Lights to make it visible and flashy and the speaker to play music on it, but the sound and music are very annoyingly loud and do not have an appealing tone. Thank God there is an easy way to turn it off with the Joystick Controller.

The Wheels are the most standout feature of this Hand Gesture Controlled toy Car. The 4 Wheels are outlined with long plastic rollers, giving them the ability to move sideways and smoothly on uneven terrains. These rollers also allow it to move sideways and spin on an axis.

Hand Gesture Controlled Toy Car.

GoolRC Controler Details

Let’s get into what you were waiting for. Time to show you how to use this Hand Gesture Controlled Toy Car. Let’s start with the Joystick Controller. The JoyStick Controller has 1 Joystick forward and 2 buttons on the side to turn left and right. The Stunt Car Controller also has a transform button for switching between modes. Most importantly, a music switch button to switch or turn off that annoying Chinese music. This Joystick controller is easier to use and good for getting the hang of the car’s Controllers. But once you understand the maneuvers of the stunt car, You Probably want to switch to the Hand Gesture Controller watch.

Now the best part of the Gadget. The Hand Gesture Controlled watch is very smooth and very easy to learn. In Below Image, you can see all the Han Gestures control the Toy Stunt Car.

Hand Gestures to Control the Toy Stunt Car

The Hand Gestures to control the Toy Stunt Car are very simple. The instruction is as follows in the bullet points below.

  1. Wear the Hand Gesture Controller Watch on your Hand.
  2. Tip Your hand forward to command the Toy Stunt Car to move forward.
  3. Raise Your hand backward to command the Toy Stunt Car to move backward.
  4. Stretch out your thumb, point your finger straight, and move the finger right and left to turn the car.
  5. To Change Modes, make your hand completely flat for Racing mode and Raise it for off-road mode.
  6. You can move the car sideways by tipping your wrist sideways to keep the car facing straight and move sideways.
  7. To make the Car dance on its axis, press the small button on your finger and then tip your wrist right to spin the car clockwise and left to spin the car anti-clockwise.

These are the Most simple Hand Gesture controllers for the GoolRC Stunt Car, but you can surely make a lot of other gestures and make your combinations to maneuver the Toy Stunt Car.

Why we Reviewed the GoolRC Stunt Car.

The reason is simple: The Toy Stunt Car is very well made and unique that I deserve to be categorized as a Gadget even though it’s just a joy. This Technology used in this Toy Stunt Car is revolutionizing. The data collected by the user experience can help other companies create better Toys and Hand Gesture Controlled Gadgets in the Future.

Up until now, we have only seen this Technology in smartphones and TVs, but it’s not far that you may have Vehicles, Doors, Windows, and many other daily used things that are controlled by Hand Gestures.



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