Temi is a Personal Home robot This is an Android Tablet Stream and it has a speaker in front and around in back here this is actually a wireless charging pad.. you can own the space for your phone and the temi robot will charge it.
You have seen telepresence robots and temi will work like this.. you can also do video calls with people out there.

Temi Robot is also a handful of Android Apps on here that work and it is a proprietary voice assistant at the moment it can play also.
There are a bunch of different things you can ask for.
If you ask for the weather to say that Hey! temi What the weather?
so temi will display the weather on its screen.

It has much built-in application like youtube which people most probably uses…
You can tap at the top so it will look at the person and it will around you or if you walk around so it will follow you whether you pivot around your house and also can do video call while moving anywhere in your house.

if you want him to stop following you so just tap on the top of your screen…
Temi has Autonomous navigation, mobility, dynamic video and audio combined with advanced Ai, all together provide a whole new ultra-creative and unique platform. This is your opportunity to reach and influence people with new experiences like never before.

Temi also deliver various possibilities that can provide you many functions
1. AI Assistant
2. Be home
3. Video calls
4. News
5. Personal DJ
6. Developers
7. Personal photographer
8. Personal Caddy
9. Home hub
10. Entertainment

Temi robot specs
1. 3D mapping
2. Navigation
3. User detection and tracking
4. Obstacle avoidance
5. Path planning

ARM Hexa Core
360 degrees LIDA
2 depth cameras

RGB camera
5 proximity sensors
IMU sensor
6 Time of Flight linear sensors

Real-time sensor fusion and data analysis ensures safe
fully-autonomous navigation

(ft.) 3.2H x 1.1W x 1.5D
(cm.) 100H x 35W x 45D

26 lbs / 12 kg

Capacitive multi-touch for intuitive interface. (1920X1200) IPS LCD 16M colors Touch Capacity Display Pixel density: 224 (ppi)
340 cd/m2 max brightness (typical)
Fingerprint-resistant coating


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