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Fake Call – prank calling app, calling Santa

Are you trapped in a boring party and wish to be elsewhere? This Fake incoming call & SMS simulator lets you schedule a fake call or SMS so you will receive it as a real one. 

Instead of being given a designated ringtone you can use your own, making the prank call that much more convincing to fool friends and family.

App customization includes changing the caller name/number and selecting characters such as Santa Claus or the police for the fake phone call

Fake call girlfriend prank

Want to impress your friends or fool your parents into thinking you have a new partner? 

This Prank Dial app lets you set up a fake incoming call from a girlfriend, entirely imaginary of course!

If you wish to set up a call immediately just tap call now or if you want for a later time simply schedule the exact time you want. 

A variety of girlfriend characters are available from the gallery and customizations such as their name and number can be made as well. 

Fake Phone Call

‘Fake phone call’ is easy to use and extremely useful in everyday situations. Want to demand a higher price for your product with a client? 

Simply schedule a fake incoming call and pretend to talk to an interested buyer.  

This app creates incoming calls that can be used in a variety of uncomfortable situations, giving you a valid excuse to leave every time. 

To use simply follow these steps:

  1. Enter the caller’s name and their number you wish for the incoming call. 
  2. Select a caller photo from the 10 available in the gallery and select an audio file you want to hear once you answer. You can also record your own audio file.
  3. Select timeout
  4. Wait to receive an incoming call

Prank Call

Prank Call provides pre-recorded prank calls that originate from the popular website

Send prank dials at the click of a button which can be sent directly to anyone’s number. 

Once your victim picks up the phone, they will automatically assume its a real person instead of a pre-recorded prank call. Pre-recording is basically an automated voice message.

These voice messages will pause at certain intervals making the conversation seem natural and almost indistinguishable from a real person.

Ownage Pranks

This app originates from the hilarious prank calling youtube channel Ownage Pranks which provides the funniest prank calls on youtube. 

The app doesn’t fall far from the tree in terms of entertainment, and with over 100 pre-recordings with new additionals added daily, the fun never ends. 

Simply choose the pre-recording you want, select the contact you wish to contact and tap call. You can tune in live during the phone call and listen after since all calls are recorded. 


  • Submit and share to the Pranks hall of fame
  • 3 credits are given daily.
  • Caller ID is hidden

Prank Dial

Prank Dial is also another great addition to this list which incorporates unique prank scripts that are pre-recorded and sent via a call. Perfect for fooling friends and family.

Choose from a whopping 150+ scenarios which are recorded by professional voice actors.

Some of these scenarios include classics such as ‘You Hit My Car’ and ‘Why You Call My Girlfriend’. The Prank dial app is consistently updated so you will never run out of new material.

So what’s new?

  • Calls can be saved to Prank Call History
  • New prank calls added
  • Design and user experience have improved considerably
  • Comment on your favorite prank calls submitted online

Magic call – Voice changer app

If you’ve already written your own prank scripts and are ready to do the prank calling yourself we applaud you since you’ve done all the hard work. 

However, unless you’ve had a fair amount of practice, it can be challenging to maintain a different voice for the entirety of the call. 

If you revert to your original speaking voice, you will quickly be discovered, blowing the entire prank. 

The Magic call- Voice changer app completely removes this problem as it changes your voice for you. 

You can change your voice from a large selection of different voices available in the app. Want to sound like a celebrity or a cartoon? Voices available include a Male or Female, Kim Kardashian, and Donald Trump, cartoon voices, and many more.  

Different background noises can also be included during the call, which includes Halloween, James Bond, Romantic and Scary themes. 

If you’re unsure how you will sound once your voice is converted then don’t worry, as you can test your voice before making a call. 

Testing your voice (including sound effects) through a demo beforehand allows for trial and error, ensuring you get the perfect sound you want. 


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