Mario Kart

This game was developed by Nintendo Co., Ltd. for Android users. It releases other games like, ‘’Super Mario Run’’, ‘’Mario Kart Tour’’, etc. With this game app, take your friend and Race around the world.

About this app!

In this game app, Mario and companions go worldwide in this new Mario Kart as they race around courses enlivened by genuine urban areas, in addition, to great Mario Kart courses! These goals will be highlighted in visits that pivot like clockwork! Notwithstanding courses dependent on notable districts, a portion of your most loved Mario Kart characters will get varieties that fuse the neighborhood kind of urban areas included in the game!

Mario Kart

The low-end phone users will definitely like this game app because most of the people don’t have time to play on the computer. Now we are glad to reviewing this app to share something that we have noticed in this app.

Best of it

The best thing we have noticed while we were playing this game is that the graphics and gameplay are amazing. The tracks are awesome and love the item design.

Mario Kart

Hard things!

This game has a lot of problems because it doesn’t give you the clue of how many rewards you can gain at all or daily and how you can use or spend your items and currencies. The other hard thing is that the app currency is so expensive and even if you buy it. When I open to play the game right after the loading screen, the display turns black and try to open again it says the game crashed. They have to improve all these problems to make their users engage with this game on mobile.


The overall experience is best and we love this game. But this depends on the user’s recommendations that they love this game app or not. In the end, we want to ask that game developers must have to remove these issues from the game, so the people will love more this game and play easily.

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