Waze - GPS, Maps, Traffic Alerts & Live Navigation

It’s an android app where you need to spare your time on every drive. Waze tells you about traffic, police and many more.

What is it about?   

This app is presented by Waze and might be you have heard about this company, it releases live navigation, GPS, Maps apps called “Waze”. Through this app, you always know what’s occurring on the road. When you use this for navigation, it will tell you about traffic, roadworks, police, accidents and more. If the traffic is poor in your direction, Waze will switch your direction and spare your time.

Why we love it?

We can see what’s happening on the road; get alerts about traffic, police & many more through this app. We can instantly switch our route to keep away from traffic and save time. We also listen to our favorite apps for music from Waze. Through Waze, we can save our money to detect the low priced fuel along with our route.

How to use it?

It is quite simple how to use waze app after downloading the waze app you need to create an account first then after creating do set a destination you want to navigate to tap the search icon in the bottom left corner. You will see a menu appear on the left side where you have to type your destination or you can just click on the categories icon below the text box to find nearby parking, gas stations, restaurants or coffee shops.


Then after clicking on the Go icon, you will see a menu appear below is the screenshot you can see… Waze app menu     By clicking on routes you will see the directions of your destination, to meet a friend tap send ETA to share your estimated time of arrival and by tapping on the overview you will see an overview of your route on the map. Then tap on Go now for the further process this is how you can use this app.



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