Civilization War - Battle Strategy War Game

Civilization war app was developed by Tilting Point for Android users and maybe you have played action games before that are launched by this company. it releases many game apps like, “ASTROKINGS”, “Photo Finish Horse Racing”, etc. This is the best Android app for the users to battle for the world conquest.

About this app!

In this strategy-driven PvP game, you take the throne as the lord of a once-powerful civilization that has been ransacked by your enemies. You must build your civilization from scratch, designing a brand-new kingdom and preparing it for the PvP war. Discover new buildings and goods, explore an open world, and build up your castle defenses.


Best of it!

This is a really amazing and fun game with great graphics and gameplay. The game that we have played and the best thing that we love the most the storyline of this game app. This is a little bit challenging but quite interesting and you will find easy alliance communication.  The other best thing that we love most of these games is not to pay to win a game, and you know better what you are doing. You will also find a tutorial kind of thing for the beginners when you will start the game. The tutorial kind of thing for those who don’t know how to play this game.

Hard things!

There are a few issues that we have faced while we were using this game app and developers should resolve these issues as soon as possible if they want more users. The first issue we faced is that when we were going to open the game then it took much time to open the screen and it closed after a few minutes of play. These are the problems that we have faced and I think this is not a big issue for the developers. They can resolve these issues as soon as possible. So, people can easily play this game.

Best features of this game!

  • Forge a Powerful Civilization
  • Command your Empire
  • Wage MMO PvP war
  • Join an Alliance
  • Design your Army
  • Conquer New Territory
Download Link Civilization War
Price Free
Category Strategy


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