PUBG has been experiencing a lot of changes and updates as of late. From bug fixes to changes in UI, and obviously the significant Season 8 update, the game is continually developing. Be that as it may, this time there’s an alternate switch coming up. PUBG will refresh its anteroom music; they even gave us a preview.

PUBG tweeted out a see of the refreshed entryway music and keeping in mind that it’s not as incredible as the first, it unquestionably suits the game. Along these lines, presently you’ll recognize what you’ll be tuning in to while you attempt and enter a match; ideally, you won’t need to tune in to every one of its three minutes.

The new track is a refreshed version of the first, a few fans on twitter need the first VERSION to remain.

In related news, PUBG’s South Korea based anti-cheating unit hopes to cinch down on these con artists. An in the background video demonstrates how this enemy of cheat unit attempts to counter programmers and con artists.

“The PUBG Anti-Cheat Unit reacts to any unapproved activities that contrarily influence our players’ ongoing interaction experience,” said the head of the unit, Dohyung Lee. “We’re continually hoping to give the best interactivity experience we can for our locale.”

Besides, PUBG Corporation works with “international partners” to discover and capture the general population who disperse these hacks. “One case of this is our nearby collaboration with our accomplice office enabled us to capture the designers and merchants of the biggest hack deals association.”


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