Muse- The world’s best Hybrid Smart watch

We have so many hybrid smart watches but with muse watch, we set out to spark a revolution in the smartwatch industry by creating the expressive designed extremely functional. An immersive smartwatch with a battery life of one whole year with our smart controls. You can perform actions like snoozing sleep alarms, calls, event reminders and more with the single press of a button.

Unlike any other smart wearable, we bring you a battery life 12 months where you enjoy all the features. Like NFC payments, sun UV monitors, set activity goals, SOS alerts and find/forget phone alert. It also has a sleep tracking feature, smart sleep alarms, control music, and camera features. And it is water resistant.

With this Hybrid smartwatch, you can track and recognize various activities and display your progress. Our near-field communication technology lets you make payments by simply bringing your watch in the proximity of payment terminals you don’t even need the internet or battery to use this.

Now forget worrying about the harmful UV rays the muse watch also detects UV rays. And alerts you as soon as they reach harmful levels and it will stay you notify and get protection from. Any harmful rays and never ever experience loss of your phone with our forgot phone feature.

You can control all the mobile features from your smartwatch. You can stay updated with all the new features and new things that will be happened in your areas. And it will help you to find your phone through this smartwatch.

The watch syncs with our in-house muse app available on both Ios and Android and the conversational chat doesn’t just give you numbers and graphs but acts as your personal assistant and coach by providing smart suggestions and recommendations on how to achieve your goals so that you can become a better individual.


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