About this app!

This app was developed by Urbanite Inc for Android users and maybe you have heard about this company.  8fit is your personal fitness trainer that helps you to become healthier and happier by giving you nutrition and expert. You can get your customized workout and meal plans to get fit and healthy.

Appreciate snappy exercise schedules joined with a straightforward sound feast organizer customized for you.

Regardless of whether you will probably get thinner, get fit or put on weight, join a huge number of 8fitters getting results and carrying on with a feasible, upbeat, sound way of life.

How to get started with 8fit:

  1. Determine your wellness goal (lose weight, get fitter, gain muscle mass)
  2. Measure your fitness level and record your dietary preferences
  3. Receive your custom workouts and meal plans instantly
  4. Follow the daily recommendations to achieve your goal


Skip the gym and realize your true potential. 8fit workouts take 15-20 minutes and can be done at home without special equipment. In addition to custom workout plans, 8fit provides delicious, wholesome nutrition plans based on your dietary needs and preferences. Here are other ways 8fit helps you reach your goal:

  • Nutrition tips and guides
  • Weekly meal planner filled with healthy recipes
  • Fat-burning exercises
  • Muscle-building HIIT workouts
  • Interactive videos
  • Research-backed programs

Why we love it?

The best of this app is that it is easy to use by following their instructions in this app. It is amazing that you have to choose your goal then it will guide you through every step. The workouts are a little bit difficult but challenging. You will get another interesting feature that will give you options to choose the meal that you like most.

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