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This Glympse app was developed by Glympse, Inc. for Android users and maybe you know about this company. It releases many apps like, “Glympse Express”, “Glympse Keyboard”, etc. This is the best app to share your location using GPS tracking with friends & family.

About this app!

Glympse is among the most mainstream area sharing and following applications. It has been only intended to offer the constant following. In spite of the fact that it does exclude stealth mode, it includes a scope of different functionalities, for example, area sharing with no downloads, moment alarms, route choices, geo-fencing, and in-application informing.


This Android area following application likewise permits you to physically kill on/off the area following and supports cross-stage area sharing. It is helpful for those who travel a lot for work and they have a meeting with clients then they give them an idea where are we and what time we will be there through this app.

Best of it!

We haven’t seen the best location tracking app than this, it is easy to use and it’s affordable for the users, and the interface is amazing. The best thing about this app is that you can share your location with more than 1 person at a time and you can also text your friends through this app. If someone wants to see your speed then you can also share the speed in real-time. A more interesting feature is that you can see the different views of street and traffic overlay. Amazing app to track family and friends while they are traveling.


Best features of the Glympse location share app:

–  Location partaking progressively with the dynamic guide.

–  Direct crisis or emergency aides.

–  Provide a politeness notice with ETA.

–  No join required and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

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