Epic Games

Epic Games has uplifting news for Fortnite players on PC: the appearance of DirectX 12 support. When it lands sooner rather than later, players who have more up to date PCs running better quality illustrations cards will encounter an exhibition help on account of a portion of the capacities this new help will bring. Also, Epic prods that it will discharge new highlights later on that are explicit to the DirectX 12 help.

In its present state, Fortnite on PC requires an illustrations card that supports DirectX 11. That will authoritatively change in form 11.20, Epic Games declared today; when that update shows up, the PC adaptation of the game will have the option to run utilizing DirectX 12, expecting the player has the equipment for it.

Epic says that Fortnite may run with a steadier and higher casing rate on DirectX 12 contrasted with DX11. This exhibition help is made conceivable gratitude to DirectX 12’s capacity to circulate the rendering employments over different centers, in addition to there’s better utilization of the PC’s CPU.

Epic says that it plans to in the end include new Fortnite highlights that are interestingly conceivable because of the DirectX 12 support. Before those highlights show up, in any case, Epic will empower the alternative to play with DirectX 12 so it has the opportunity to get criticism and work out any bugs that are presented by the new help.

The organization didn’t state what highlights it intends to include the future nor to what extent players should sit tight for them to show up. The new help denotes the most recent change to Fortnite with the appearance of its subsequent Chapter, which is presently various weeks in progress.


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