VN Video Editor Review

VN Video Editor Review

Hey, Readers, today I have another App review for you this time. It’s something so awesome you may not believe it. Today we are doing the VN Video Editor Review. This amazing app allows you to Edit Videos on yon simply make a great impact in your Youtube Career with this. 

If you made a mistake while recording with a smartphone, you can finish recording the video and edit them on the go with VN Video Editor. If your smartphone has a screen recorder, you can make app reviews or gameplay videos, as I made last week for my Cookies must die review blog post. By the way, do check that out. You’ll love the game.

Today, we will make many lives easy as this app has given so much more power to your smartphone. The level of editing this app allows you to do with your smartphone is so unbelievable. I honestly had no idea I could do such a high level of video editing on my smartphone. But the real shocker here is how easy video editing is with The VN Video Editor. So let’s look at the features and start our VN Video Editor Review.

VlogNow User Interface

VN interface 1 VN Interface 2 Vn Interface 3

In the Basic Dashboard, you can view your arsenal. The works you have done, the templates you have downloaded and created videos with. Whatever editing work you have done with the VN app will be shown here. You can start a new project by tapping the [+] Icon. This icon will take you to the selection area. Here you can choose whether you want to download a new template or create a story from a video new video recording. After selecting your video, you can set your Resolution and FPS. By default, you get 1080P / 30FPS.

VlogNow Editing Features

VN Studio VN Editing Features VN adding Text
VN Adding Images VN Adding Audio VN Adding Iframes

The Studio Area is very Simple as well. You get a portrait layout to add and select the videos you already have in your gallery. After selecting your video, you see 3 icons. At the top left is the book with the question mark that will give you tips and tutorials for the app. In the middle, you see an expanding frame icon. When you tap this icon, you get Different frame sizes. The list has many standard sizes, from Youtube Videos to Instagram Stories to Tiktok Clips. The final options at the top right are self-explanatory save means save your edits, and export means export from VN to Gallery.

Right beside the Video Frame Reel, you see 4 icons. The first Icon lets you add sound effects and audio clips. The second icon enables you to add text and formatting. The third icon allows you to add images and stickers. The fourth icon will let you add iframes and other video clips. 

If you see below your Video Reel, you can see a list of icons. All these icons are editing tools. With these, you make edits by adding filters, speeding or slowing your whole video or sections of it, Cropping, Animation effects, Splitting, combining multiple videos, or even splitting your video into multiple sections and deleting some of these sections. If you select a certain section of your video, you can see 3 icons indicating duplicate, replace, and delete. These icons do the exact thing they indicate.

If you see it in the middle of the screen. On the left, you can see the time duration of your video, in the middle the play icons, and on the left, you can see icons that step back and step forward icons. This is the best part because if you made a mistake you can step back or even check the difference in your clip between editing steps. The App is so Versatile and has made so many things easy that a single VN Video Editor Review will not be enough. You have to use the App just to learn all the features.

VN Available Platforms

VN Video Editor Platforms

The Application is available on Android, iOS, and Mac (sorry Windows users). This app is so user-friendly on mobile it’s even easier to use on laptops or desktops. There is only 1 drawback of the app that it only shows your videos in portrait and will even download them in portrait. Even if you recorded a video in Landscape in the editing studio it will show as a portrait. 

This can be an issue for some newcomers. But the Mac application got you covered, since the Mac has a wider screen you can view your Landscape videos as they should be, and now you can even have your gallery right beside your editor. These few features of the Mac application are more recommended for office use.

Final Conclusion

VN Video Editor is the most versatile free video editing app I have ever seen. They can be used on Mac for more official and casual settings and on Smartphones to work on the Go. This app has made it very easy for many new aspiring young video editors to enter the Industry.

We hope you enjoyed our VN Video Editor Review. Will you be using the app please tell us in the comment below. If you wish to read more cool app reviews, then stay tuned to twist apps. Please do tell us in the comments below you will be using the VlogNow App.


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