Apple Watch Series 4

Apple declared the fifth era of its smartwatch in September 2018 as the Apple Watch Series 4. The current series 4 stands out with the comparable outline and the same strap like the past apple watch models but Apple has rolled out a couple of enhancements in this arrangement. The current series 4 and past series 3 have a lot of similarities. Both watches have the alternative for GPS only or GPS cellular. The current watch and the past model get an 18-hour battery life and both are water safe up to 50 meters.

Design and Characteristics

It has an updated advanced crown even it has much more parts prepared within it but it is by and large littler in size and it has a couple of new highlights adding the ability to have haptic input as you really pivot the dial it’s to some degree like to the trackpad on a MacBook star.

The most recent watch likewise have a fired back already certain models like the tempered steel or the earthenware complete ones would have fired back however at this point the entire end of the watch is artistic and not only the round pulse sensor in the center on the off chance that we contrast this with one of the more seasoned models that simply have a typical metal back and it has a glass piece there in the middle. The artistic will be much progressively sturdy and it will cover the whole back.

Apple has updated Heartbeat detectors and can record ECG.

The latest heartbeat component asking that the latest watch is capable an ECG while there’s heartbeat component on others like just taking a heartbeat monitors high or low heart rates. The latest watch is able to take ECG there is actually two metal electrodes one side the advanced crown and this metal apart is right on the end of apple watch.

Whenever you contact that advanced crown to take that ECG it completes the entire circuit and gives your reading at launch the ECG process is not there but it should be showing up soon with Watch OS 5.1.

Apple watch series 4 has a wider ar size array than the past model

There is a little bit dissimilarity between the current watch and the past model that is series 4 has a wider case area than the past model. The series 4 accessible in the sizes in 40mm and 44mm and the series 3 come in 38mm and 42mm. The 40mm Series 4 offers a 759sqmm2 display surface contrasted with the 563sqmm2 of the 38mm Series 3, the 44mm Series 4 is a 977sqmm2 showcase surface contrasted with the 740sqmm2 of the 42mm Series 3.

Due to the larger array ratio, the Series 4 differs from the Series 3 in a similar design.

The apple watch comes in more colors

The aluminum model of the new watch occurs in silver, gold, and space dim and the tempered steel alternatives occur in silver, gold and space dark yet the last model just comes in silver and space dim.

Strap Models                                         

If the belt options were on, the Series 4 aluminum models are equipped with a sports strip, whereby the colors are determined by the housing color. The stainless steel models of the Series 4 are equipped with a sports strip or a Milanese loop bracelet.


The current Series 4 has a redesigned processor that is declared to be two times quicker than the S3, called the S4. It also has the front line remote chip called the W3. An extensive number of the hardware features are the correlative as Series 3, including the barometric altimeter, worked in GPS and the optical heartbeat sensor; anyway, the Series 4 includes several extra things.


The current watch with GPS just begins at £399 for both the standard version and the Nike+ array. The current Apple watch with GPS and Cellular begins at £499 for the standard model or Nike+ show, yet this extended to £699 on the off chance that you need a treated steel display. The Hermes models begin at £1249.


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