Top 7 Best Putlocker Alternatives You Can Try

Isn’t entertainment all about streaming today? The number of cord-cutters is on a constant rise. And it takes a lot of time and effort to drive to the cinemas. Which is why streaming sites have become the easiest and most favorite entertainment forums. And when it comes to the streaming world, the clash of piracy and copyright owners is never-ending!

Well, it is not possible to shut down every movie-hosting site. Especially when tens of thousands of people are cutting the cord and are relying on the streaming sites for their due dose of entertainment. Mine is one of those families which still have a subscription to one of the Spectrum TV bundles. We’ll need to upgrade soon because now everyone in the house has their own gadget to stream their preferred content.

7 Best Putlocker Substitutes for Endless Streaming

Most of the streaming sites have no subscription charges. The tech-savvy content-sharers have come up with innovative technologies and methods to distribute free content on these sites. No wonder their popularity is increasing like never before. The streamers across the globe are always on the lookout to explore the descendants of the famous-Putlockers.  Here are a few easy alternatives:

  1. SolarMovie
  2. 123Movies
  3. BigStar Movies.
  4. Popcornflix
  5. TV Series Net.
  6. Fmovies-zone.
  7. Hulu


SolarMovie hosts a gigantic library of various thousands of shows and movies. Cine buffs can go on binge-watching their favorite content without a break. Some of the features are:

  • It doesn’t essentially require registration or sign-ups.
  • Start watching the desired movie/show right away.
  • Most of the content is available in HD or at least 720p quality.


This site sure is a goldmine for streaming lovers. For unabashed and quality streaming experience, you can rely on this site. Explore your preferred content from the genres galore. If you are looking for a reliable recommendation, this is it. Another plus is that the site ensures no lagging. It has smooth streaming even in the times of high-traffic. 123Movie is stable as well as bug-free. Using a VPN to avoid any copyright issues would be a great approach.

BigStar Movies

Are you into unique content and not just trending shows and movies? We are talking about documentaries based on award wins and film festival toppers. We are also talking about indie and international movies. If such content interests you, BigStar Movies is the site for you!

  • You get to experience a refreshing shift from all the clichéd Hollywood content.
  • You get to enjoy diverse and quality content.
  • Explore tons of offbeat movie and show titles.
  • The site ensures weekly updated content.
  • You have the facility of streaming this site’s content on a variety of devices such as Smart TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Roku, etc.
  • To access the complete catalog, go premium.


Another formidable alternative to the popular Putlocker! Check out what it has to offer:

  • The content covers tons of entertainment genres.
  • Enjoy its ginormous library and choose to watch from cult classics to latest blockbusters.
  • They also have the latest documentaries for TV junkies.
  • Easy interface to explore genres like Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi, and others.

TV Series Net

Are you one of those who can’t wait whenever a new episode is on air? Who is dying of curiosity pangs to find out who died in the most recent episode of their favorite season? TV Series Net is there to satiate all such curiosities. You get to catch all the latest episodes right after they are aired. Some of them are The 100, The Walking Dead, Supernatural, and Grey’s Anatomy. The site ensures optimal experience with high-definition picture quality. The site doesn’t lag and is a stable choice.


Talk about easy interface and navigation! The search bar on the said site’s homepage has actually introduced a completely new level of ease and convenience in navigation. It has a responsive UI for convenient search. Explore the abundance of streaming options with a plethora of genres. You can watch anime, shows, and movies.


Hulu is quite popular in the streaming arena. It has tons of episodes of all the popular TV classics. The platform has evolved into a more reliable streaming space. Considered only second to Netflix alternatives, the site has a massive library of streaming options.

  • You get to stream Hulu’s channels. They are many.
  • You can watch the latest releases.
  • With a monthly subscription fee, you get to enjoy unlimited streaming.
  • It allows free content too.

In addition to a good streaming site, another factor that is important for flawless streaming is the internet speed. If your bandwidth speed is not up to the mark, you will have interruptions and lags even with the most high-quality sites. I compared all the Spectrum Internet packages before subscribing to one for my family. And I am happy about the choice I made because, with that speed, the streaming is smooth.


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