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Description: Everybody would love to own a Galaxy note. Here in this article, we look at some of the features of Galaxy Note 10, including its design, Samsung galaxy s10 specs, any Samsung news and much more.

If you have a look at the Galaxy Note 10, it is obvious that Samsung is really trying to pull out all the stops with their latest phone and Samsung deals. We’re going to have a look at all some features and everything you need to know. Waiting for the Samsung note 10 release date won’t have to be as difficult this time.

Phone features

If you look at Samsung’s new product, you will see that they are releasing two different Note 10 products, one with a 6.3-inch display and the other with a 6.8-inch display. There are some incredible and brilliantly gaudy color options and Samsung have removed their headphone jack in both of their phones. One can see that they’re really trying to push ahead in terms of technology.

New and exciting changes

The fun doesn’t stop with headphones – there are a number of exciting changes in Samsung’s latest phone. Towards the rear, you will note that there are four cameras and the smaller products do not contain slots for microSD cards. One is able to swipe through a number of options with their S Pen from a distance. The battery is also a lot larger and Samsung’s new phones contain more RAM, especially in Note 10 Plus, so one can make use of all their mobile casino bonus games on the go. In terms of charging, it is wireless and a lot faster with both phones.

On top of this, Samsung has also created a 5G compatible Galaxy Note 10 Plus which can bring one with the fastest data speeds of all time. All of their new phones come with an extremely powerful Qualcomm snapdragon 855 chip within, providing excellent performance for these Samsung products. One can expect a pick up one of these new phones for around $1000-$1300. It’s a luxury price point, but then again you’re getting so much with this phone.

Goodbye headphones

It’s exciting to see that Samsung has said goodbye to the headphone jack because, to be honest, who needs this 3.5 mm port? Not only does this improve convenience but it also signals that Samsung is moving far into the future with their Galaxy phones. Every phone comes with a set of free US PC style headphones. An adapter can be purchased from Samsung for $10 to integrate existing headphones with their products.

Different sizes, different markets

It is interesting to see how Samsung is splitting up their phone into two different sizes. One can understand how this creates smaller and cheaper phones for people who want the galaxy note edge but don’t want an enormous looking device. This particular marketing strategy allows Samsung to sell their product at different prices, catering to different market shares. It makes sense given that mobile phone sales are currently slowing, so Samsung really wants to cater to everybody.

Galaxy note is an exciting phone

Who wouldn’t be excited by this phone with all the latest cutting-edge features? There’s so much in-store that one won’t need to think about how to root Samsung their galaxy note – there is so much to enjoy! Make sure that you stay on top and keep track of preorder details so that you won’t miss out.

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