Folio: Store Cards Privately

Folio app was developed by the Folio Technologies for Android users to secure their data easily and maybe you have heard about this company. It releases many apps like, “Folio Verification Stage”, “Folio Verification”, etc.

What Is It About?

Designed to keep your security and comfort in mind, the Folio App is an all-inclusive digitized wallet where you can store your credit/debit cards, your passport, driving license, and other such important documents all in one place. Likewise, you can scan your loyalty cards and validate your membership status with just a tap.


Folio Technologies, the developer of this app, has integrated advanced biometric security features in the app for the protection of your valuable IDs and other payment cards. Packed with additional features like an encrypted wallet and scanning of loyalty cards, there’s all the more reason to get rid of plastic cards.

Why we love this app?

This is the app that we have found to secure our private data in this app, and we loved this app by using it. It is the most decent and helpful app for you to store photos of your important cards and documents through this app. We have found the best security app to keep our information secure.

The other best thing about this app is that when you go outside and forget your important ID cards than by using this app you can show your important documents and ID cards to save your life.

How to use this app?

  • Firstly download the app
  • Sign-Up: Complete the sign-up process by creating your Folio ID and verify your identity using any national ID.
  • Create Biometric Key: The app will create your biometric key using your phone’s camera.
  • Scan Cards and Identify: The app will then scan your ID and match it with your selfie to verify that it’s really you.
  • Quick Biometric Check and View: Post that, you can see all your IDs you upload with just a tap after a simple biometric check.
  • Share with Tap: Once you have access to your IDs, you can share the app as well.

Best features of this app!

  • Unique Biometrics:
  • Share your Information:
  • Auto-Fill Feature:
  • Free Backup

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