This app was developed by ISHARINGSOFT, INC. for Android users and maybe you have used some apps that are developed by this iSharing company. By iSharing you can easily find your parents and kids by phones.

Not at all like different applications, the iSharing application tracks the lost gadget as well as, the application monitors relatives. The application to find the lost telephone permits the client to different make gatherings, convey, and screen the constant area of the gathering individuals. It even has a component through which one can see the area history of gathering individuals.

What is it about?

The iSharing application is a locator and GPS area tracker application that will assist the client with connecting with his loved ones in n protected and make sure about way and furthermore track the GPS position of the concerned individual.

The application is a must for individuals who have children at their home, as children do wander out of the home and it’s hard to remain at their story for the entire day.


The application is something beyond making sure about messaging and GPS following; with the iSharing application, the client has the choice of an emergency signal, which can be utilized during a misery circumstance. Different highlights that come pressed with the iSharing application are area history, walkie-talkie includes, alarm caution, and spot cautions for families.

What’s more, its highlights that transform the gadget into a walkie-talkie is incredible in light of the fact that only one out of every odd spot has a legitimate association and it might become unnerving when we are not ready to interface with our dears.


Why we love this app?

This app is amazing and we love this app, it helps us a lot to track something by using GPS. You will find the most fairly accurate locations and it’s great peace of mind. This is the app that is very simple and convenient and easy to use.

Best features of the app:

–      Allows talking with the gathering individuals.

–      Real-time alarms.

–      Safety highlights like frenzy alert.

–      Works as a walkie talkie.

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