Game of Warriors

Game of Warriors was developed by Play365 and maybe you have played the games before that are launched by this company. It releases many apps like, “Metal Soldiers 2”, “Motto Traffic Race”, etc.

About this game!

Game of Warriors is a Strategy TD Tower Defense game with a one of a kind style in its classification. Set in a mystical world you should overhaul your guards and forceful warriors to endure and attack hostile areas to overcome them. The adversary partnership of the malicious realms has pushed what survives from human development to an edge of the world, confined and overlooked, dove into hopelessness and attempting to endure cruelly.

Prepared the ponies, employ your warriors and set up the lances for the fight to come, the war horn will sound again and our titans will crush the foe dividers and towers.


Best of it!

This strategic game is one of the best games we’ve ever played and the graphics are perfect and the gameplay is easy to learn. It’s a little bit challenging but quite interesting and well thought out game. The other best thing that we loved the most is you build your own building and you have the chance to choose what men to attack.

Hard things!

This is the best game like we asked above but there are some issues that we have faced and now we going to share with you.  The first thing is that the game constantly crashes or slow halfway through battle and making it quite annoying to start and restart the game. We faced another issue is that the controls are terrible and too many ads.


We have played so many strategy base games before like Arknights and you will play this game you enjoy it. The other best strategy game we have played is a game of warriors, our overall experience is good but there are some issues that developers have to resolve as soon as possible. If they want to engage with more users and apart from these issues, this is the best strategy based game.

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