Microsoft has been working or branding from way past. It has some defaulted apps stored in your PC and also has an option for you to download it on your own. By far Windows 10 has been working pretty fine among all others invented or introduced. Windows 10 operating system’s remarkable updating news was all on-trend, Microsoft actually did a great part of their job with upgrading its features and utilities so it can have a vast pace to settle.

Well as I mentioned the updates made were to settle off as defaulted where it needs more applications to work on, especially on the basis of their customers’ preferences. It’s not an easy part of a job which Microsoft is dealing recently. It can also be considered as the third-party applications which your client can deliberately prefer. To understand the criteria it will be easier for those who have bought the new Microsoft Windows 10 PC. The apps which are further about to discuss will help you get the idea of best-suited apps you should consider for your PC, it’s more of help so you can get straight to the concept of it.


TWEETEN is more of an application that will give you access more likely to Twitter, it directly connects your twitter deck on your main screen. It majorly attracts twitter content. Twitten is open for like 24/7 and somehow TWEETEN is connected to be the mainframe of your organization’s name. It works on by connecting it to your twitter by the web interface and Windows 10 updated version gives you friendly access to it. The updates are not yet done has been heard by the rumor so it’s not like full and final but it helps you to get easy access to your phone.


NEXTGEN READER provides you a large platform where you can read all your day to day news or current situations around your town or city. It states a new generation application which is channelizing the facility to you where you can go through the ready process very easily. It works well in Microsoft tablets and laptops or Microsoft PCs with Windows 10 operating system. The app is available at Microsoft store at a cost of about $5.99 whereas it saves your cost as per you pay double uploading other versions of news apps. If we see carefully it gives you a good bundle of information on the right pace with some reasonable cost. You can also save articles and read them offline as it has the offline download feature too.


PLEX is the easiest access to organize your pictures and videos on your phone. It helps you arrange all your photos and videos in an organized manner. It is free of cost on the Microsoft store. You can easily stream down your media files on simple access on your every device. You can get your required picture or whatever in seconds or the videos for instance by just selecting the genre. It’s not complicated but it’s pretty handy to use. It is accessible to all Microsoft phones or laptops, simply accessing windows 10 operating system for it.


WOX comes up with the most delicate and power possessing features. It works like Alfred in Mac book, it’ll search for anything for you in seconds but is more powerful. Its search engine is way stronger than any other. It goes for like quick results in seconds. WOX is a smart working and idealistic searching platform. It gives you the customize settings also. Whereas it is also free of cost on the Microsoft store. It even comes with the language translator to get it done more officially and more people can use it in their ways too.


SHARE X can be the one which most girls prefer. It allows you to take screenshots on the exact good quality you saw it raw. Not only screenshots but you can also create GIFs and do some good quality screen recording. It can be intimidating for some people and for some people it can be interesting. Well, it is free of cost on the Microsoft store. You can also take a screenshot and directly upload it on the webpage you want. It is pretty fine at work and surely accessible.


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