The spread of the novel Coronavirus has changed the way we live our daily lives. From social gatherings to go to your workplace, things have come to a grinding halt.

Businesses across the world are adapting to the situation by transitioning to a Work From Home (WFH) policy. This has given rise to a major problem i.e. most businesses and employees are not used to remote work and do not have the right skills or tools to remain equally efficient and productive as they are at the workplace.

But with the rise of technology, communities of passionate Android developers and iOS developers, everyone is out there, trying to find digital solutions to modern problems in the shape of iOS app development and Android App development.

Here are the 5 apps that you can use to make remote work easy during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Serene is one-of-a-kind solutions that help improve productivity for remote workers. It’s functionalities include:

  • Setting goals to be achieved per day
  • Breaking down your daily goal into smaller segments
  • Assigning task time and monitoring activity
  • Blocking websites and apps that might disturb you during active tasks
  • Focus music in the background

For people who struggle with focusing on their work. This is an app that boosts your productivity while ensuring that you take regular breaks to avoid burnout.


Slack is an amazing tool for team collaboration and communication that helps your team stay updated with each other’s tasks and progress. You can create special threads for tasks and ensure that you are not disturbed by messages that are not important to you and your tasks.

This is the best way for remote workers to collaborate and communicate and have a productive project-related discussion without a problem.


During this pandemic, one of the biggest problems businesses are facing is the inability to hold physical meetings. From team meetings to client meetings, face-to-face meetings are a crucial activity for clarity within the team and trustworthiness with the clients.

Zoom provides you the option to hold video calls with your team or your clients in a seamless fashion. It gives you the ability to record both audio and video of the meeting to ensure that you can always go back and refresh your memory.

With the option of hosting a 100 people, you can record and hold your own webinar to boost your business’ reach and visibility, in a time when your target audience is looking for digital content.


Toggl gives you time-tracking ability within the app and monitors and reports how much time you’re spending on your tasks.

The main purpose behind the software is to help remote workers manage their time well and for managers to keep track of their time spent on each task.

This helps ensure timely delivery from employees when they’re working from home and helps your business achieve digital transparency and accountability.


Zapier is a handy automation tool that helps you automate repetitive tasks and save a significant amount of your work-time.

It allows you to create “Zaps,” which trigger pre-decided actions across a variety of apps. So that you don’t have to constantly switch between apps to do simple tasks.

You can automate tasks such as uploading a file to Google drive using the zaps. Essentially, it helps you send data from one app to another. You can add new Toggl entries to a spreadsheet without having to manually add them yourself through Zapier or upload a file to Google Drive for remote access, with just one click.


Using these apps, you and your business can achieve improved remote performance, transparency, and productivity to ensure that remote work doesn’t affect the performance of your employees or your business.

That’s our list of 5 apps that can help remote workers do their work with increased productivity. Did we miss something out? What software do you use to make remote work easier for you and your business?

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