3D Tennis

This game is introduced by Mouse games and maybe you have listened about this company. This company has released many other games that you might have played before like “Solitaire”, “Sports Car Racing”, and many other games.

About App!

Welcome to the most legitimate tennis match-up on Google Play. 3D Tennis is the main tennis match-up dependent on 3D Physics.

3D Tennis

3D Tennis offers quick and flowing control mode, swipes your finger to hit or cut the ball. The game gives a tremendous scope of interesting players to look over and enable you to direct your preferred player to accomplishment in the four Grand Slam competitions. It has a craving for playing the genuine tennis match-up.

Best of it!

We have found some best things in this game is that when you play this game you will find yourself like in real life in court. The other thing is that the graphics are good and have the ability to control the groundstrokes by the direction of the slide. This game is very easy to play for beginners and who know how to play tennis. The best part is that the player’s movement quite realistic.

3D Tennis

Hard things!

The hard things that we have faced while we were playing this game are that this game runs too many ads. The other is that the ads pop up that covers some vital button which permits the game to work. This is the only weird thing in this game app we have faced


This game is good for beginners who want to learn tennis and who don’t have the opportunity to play this game. Overall experience is good but in this game, if they add multiplayer mode then it will be more enjoyable. The other is that they remove the ads pop up that covers the button but the overall experience is good we have enjoyed a lot to play this game.

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