It’s been bound to happen, however, the 8bitdo minuscule Zero 2 controller is currently up for pre-request. We were first acquainted with this controller in June of 2018, and in the eighteen months from that point forward, the 8bitdo unwavering have been trusting that their possibility will get one. They ought to get that opportunity soon enough, as the Amazon posting for this controller says it’ll be here before the year’s end.

Right now, however, we don’t know whether the recorded discharge date of December 31st, 2019 is the Zero 2’s real discharge date or if that is only a placeholder. Amazon regularly utilizes a placeholder of the most recent day of the present year when it doesn’t have a strong discharge date from the producer, however, given our nearness to December 31st, it’s conceivable that is the point at which the controller will start dispatching out.

Regardless, onto the controller itself, which is likely one of the littlest Bluetooth controllers you’ll experience. Tipping the scales at just 20 grams, 8bitdo portrays the Zero 2 as a “key chain measured controller.” It’s a decent decision in case you’re searching for a controller to go with or keep in a sack. Yet with no control stick to discussing, you should restrain its utilization to 2D games.

In the same way as other 8bitdo controllers nowadays, Zero 2 is good with Windows, Android, macOS, and Switch. The Switch Lite highlights conspicuously in 8bitdo’s publicizing for this controller, so in case you’re needing an extra controller for that comfort, it’s reasonable 8bitdo needs you to pick the Zero 2.

Zero 2 uses a 180mAh battery that should give 8 hours of playtime on a solitary charge. For some odd reason, it appears that 8bitdo has dropped the shading choices it reported for the Zero 2 back at E3 2018. Selecting rather dispatch with turquoise, yellow, and pink models. The 8bitdo Zero 2 is up for pre-request today for $19.99 from Amazon.


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