Apple Shooter

This game is presented by D3. And this company has released many other games like ‘’Gun Strike Shoot’’, ‘’Mountain Shooter Killer’’, etc. Use the bow and arrow, shoot the apple on the head of the friend.

About this game!

Apple Shooter is another bows and arrows game, your objective is an apple. Your companion to visit you, you as a bow and bolt lovers, so as to show off to your companions your wonderful arrow based weaponry. You choose to play a hazardous game with your companions and let your companions head apple and you shoot apples out yonder.

Apple Shooter

Natural product shooting is a fun arrow game, the ideal blend of arcade and recreation. With wonderful and running smooth illustrations, the game repeats the sentiments of arrow based weaponry. Scoreboard upheld, present your score to rival others around the globe.

Why we love it?

To play this game we feel like we are playing this game in a real-life and the actions they are showing in the game are real. The best thing about this game is that the graphics are amazing and they give you high-quality 3D graphics. You can play this game without the internet and play anytime, anywhere you want.

Apple Shooter

Hard things!

All the best games have the same problems that we have faced is the ads that make game weird and users can’t play easily due to the ads. This is the only hard thing we have faced while we are playing this and it covers all the screen a while playing the game.


  1. Contact the wall to point, discharge to shoot.
  2. Utilize the bearing marker measure on the upper left corner to assist you with aiming.
  3. The more you tap and hold, the more grounded the quality is.
Download Link Apple Shooter
Price Free
Category Casual


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