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This app was created by Kitchen Stories for Android users who are not inspired to cook and want to make something delicious. Maybe you have heard about this company before and it releases many apps that make you feel better by using the amazing apps.

About this app!

Kitchen Stories is tied in with heating and solid cooking. It is one of the top cooking applications that add the universe of plans to your pocket. With mouth-watering plans and engaging pictures, simple-to-follow photograph trained rules one can watch unending formula alternatives and figure out how to make nourishment with get-up-and-go. The application lets you investigate significantly more than simply cooking. It aces you with kitchen tips and deceives, occasional vegetables, stories on cooking and so forth.


Why we love this app?

This is best for cooking food with the very easy to read and detailed information, such as ingredient, equipment, and measurement. The best part about this app is that there is a video by the professional that helps to make delicious food. There is a lot of recipes to make food which we really loved. The best part about this app that we love the most is that there is a video from the expert and chefs for the beginners to make some delicious food by following their instructions.


Best features of Kitchen Stories food app:

  • Upload your own recipes on the app and share it with a huge audience base.
  • See step by step recipe videos of dishes on the app and create one.
  • Click on any dish and see the amount of nutrition per serving.
  • Make a dish by keeping adequate portions for everyone by selecting “serving”.
  • Save recipes that you like and make a dish wherever you like.
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