Beach Buggy Racing

This app was developed by Vector Unit and maybe you have heard about this company. It releases many game apps like, ‘’MouseBot’’, ‘’Shine Runner Free’’, ‘’Beach Buggy Blitz’’, etc. This game app has an amazing free 3D kart racing game. Race, collect, upgrade and win!

About this game!

Crash into an activity pressed, shock filled universe of rough terrain kart dashing anarchy. Race against a field of opponent drivers, each with one of a kind characters and exceptional capacities. Fabricate an accumulation of insane catalysts, like Dodgeball Frenzy, Fireball, and Oil Slick. Open and overhaul an assortment of autos, from hill surreys to beast trucks. Test your abilities in 6 distinctive game modes on 15 inventive 3D race tracks, against a pack of tropical-adoring opponents with a genuine instance of street rage!

Beach Buggy Racing

This game app is best for who has a low-end mobile device and it is smooth and playable too on these devices. People will definitely like it and now we are glad to reviewing this game app to share something that we have noticed while we were playing this game.

Why we love it?

We love this game, it has exceptional graphics and it is easy to understand. The most loving thing about this app is that it is fun with all its power-ups and locations. You will get the best and many locations so it’s challenging but quite interesting. The other best thing is that you will get many interesting characters with cool abilities which can be used during the races. The tilt mode is a little bit hard to control the car but it’s interesting.

Beach Buggy Racing

Hard thing!

What we hate about this game is when you are going to win the race then, in the end, you will be attacked by some opponent. The other problem that we have faced is that the forced ads that show up without the warning. When we were quitting every time it shows up again and again.

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Price Free
Category Racing


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