This game is about earning points and interfering in getting them to the opposing team. Teams alternate between roles. One of the attacks and tries to score points, while the other tries to interrupt. Then the roles change. Know more interesting facts about baseball games on Mattingly baseball


The match is played on a field whose shape resembles a quarter of a circle. Two areas can be distinguished. The first is closer to the center of the quarter and is covered with sand. This area is limited by a square-shaped field whose side is 27.43 meters. There are bases on the four vertices. The home base is also the fourth base. The order of the bases goes one by one to the right. Behind the home, the base is the catcher’s position, and in the circle in the center of the square near the pitcher – the player who throws the ball. The other part of the pitch is formed by an external field, which is covered with grass.

Striking team

This team must have at least one player on the pitch, there can be a maximum of 4. The player stands at the home base and, hitting the stick, tries to hit the ball. If a player hits the ball thrown by the pitcher, then leaving the bat runs to get the base. It can be the first base or, if possible, the next one. The capture of the base takes place when the player touches the base with any part of his body before he touches the player defending the base of the opposing team whose ball was rejected. A player is beaten when he fails to reach the base or if he fails to hit the ball in three attempts.

Four pitcher errors move the batter to the first base. When this one is occupied, the player occupying it moves to the next base. A player on a base other than the first may be beaten only if a player trying to get the first base is captured. A home run causes the batter to conquer all bases without being able to capture it. Points are currently being scored by players who are standing on the other bases. Each player of the attacking team hits once in a given turn. The order is determined in advance.

The team in the field

This team consists of a pitcher, catcher, 4 players in the field who stand on 3 individual bases, and one of them supports them and three players from outside the field who catch far balls on a field covered with turf.

Scoring A

normal baseball match consists of 9 innings. One inning consists of 2 attacks: one for each team. No draws are anticipated, so in the case of the same number of points, additional innings are added. The game lasts until one of the teams achieves an advantage. The point is awarded for the base obtained. Usually, around 10 points are scored for each team in the match. However, there are 1 or 2 points matches.

Coaches and referees

Each team has its main trainer, i.e. a manager. He takes care of the strategy of the game, determining the position and order of the strikers. He is assisted by assistants who look after specific elements of the game and groups of players. Coaching positions are located on the edge of the pitch. Coaches can advise during the game.

The game is supervised by referees. At least one takes a position behind the player catching the balls. He decides about the correctness of throws. In the professional leagues, there is a referee on each base who decides whether the base was captured or the player was captured. A separate referee deals in scoring points.


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